Birthplace: Mount Vernon

Age: 40

Occupation: Programs manager at Helping Hands Solution Center

Residence: Sedro-Woolley

Education: Associate degree in horticulture

Family: Two daughters, ages 12 and 5

What do you like about living in Skagit County? ”I love that when there is an issue within the community, everyone comes together to find solution to the problem. Working at Helping Hands, I get to experience that. Last month, we served over 64,000 individuals. We don’t get government assistance, it’s our community pulling together.”

What are your hobbies? “My professional life. I enjoy it so much because I get to help people. My hobbies are helping out our awesome Skagit County people. And my (12-year-old) daughter’s wrestling. She’s the national champion, and won the Terminator World Championships in Arizona in March.”

What is an interesting fact about you? ”I’m Greek.”

When you were younger, what did you want to be? A veterinarian.

What was your first job? “My first job was picking spinach as a child.”

If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be? ”In Greece. (The island of) Patmos. My daughter did a report where we traced our ancestry back, and that is an island where a lot of our ancestors came from.”

What is your favorite thing to eat? “My favorite thing to eat would have to be Mexican food (and specifically) pozole.”

How did you spend your time at home during the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order? “Me and my children just buckled down and did a lot of baking and cooking and stuff like that.”

What is a positive we can take out of the global pandemic? “Specific to Skagit County, I think when we are faced with an issue, we take care of each other. Everybody has been so helpful during this time. And also (the importance of) spending more time with our families. I think a lot of people kind of took that for granted.”


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