The need for masks is at an all-time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So Dana Hyde and her mother Judi decided to take matters — and their ability to sew — into their own hands by creating their own masks in their home west of Mount Vernon.

And in doing so, making a fashion statement.

Granted, the masks the pair produce are not of the surgical variety, but they do serve a purpose.

“There are three keys to preventing the spread of this virus,” Hyde said. “I was thinking how I could help remind people not to touch their faces, cover their faces when they cough and make sure and wash their hands.

“I thought, what can I do to tell people the importance of doing those things?”

So Hyde came up with the idea to sew custom masks and give them away to whoever wants one.

“My mom is a quilter,” she said, “And we both have lots of fabric on hand. So we decided to put it all to good use.”

Hyde said the masks are easy to make, washable and cheap.

She and her mom found a pattern online, but there was a cost. So the two decided to make their own.

They came up with different patterns and three sizes.

Two separate sections are cut and sewn together to form the mask.

“We can make about 25 a day,” Hyde said. “They are dual layers. One is cotton and the other is, say, flannel. Then they are sewn together. Like I said, inexpensive.”

Then attached are hair bands, which easily slip over the ears to hold the mask in place.

“Easy on, easy off,” Hyde said.

The masks come in three themes: lumberjack, Swiss dot and floral.

“It’s been great,” Hyde said of their efforts. “We’ve made about 60 so far and have another 100 in production. We hope to get a bunch of other people involved in making these.”

Judi Hyde said it was just a case of cut and adjust, cut and adjust.

“It’s just leftover fabric,” she said. “Anyone who can sew at all can sew these. They are real simple.”

And so far, the feedback has been positive.

“It’s been great,” Hyde said. “It’s good to be able to help the community in some way. Every person can make a difference. Plus, this really can help people.”

Those interested in a mask or information on making them can contact Hyde at

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