Smoked Salmon

The Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club is selling smoked salmon this year instead of holding its salmon barbecue.

MOUNT VERNON — Though the Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club has canceled its salmon barbecue for the second consecutive year, it is selling pre-packaged smoked salmon.

Through April, the smoked salmon is available 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday outside the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce, 301 W. Kincaid Street, as well as at Rexville Grocery, 19271 Best Road.

The smoked salmon can also be purchased by calling Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club Board Member Richard Brocksmith at 360-826-2164, by emailing him at or through the club’s Facebook page.

“People have been really supportive,” said Brocksmith. “Of course, everyone is really sad about the barbecue because it is such a community event and has such great food.

“A lot of the local folks have tried to help us out by buying salmon chunks, and a lot of the tulip tourists have been stopping by, so we’ve done quite well.”

The club’s goal is to sell 1,000 one-pound packages of the wild Alaska-caught and smoked salmon for $20 apiece, and Brocksmith said the club is well over halfway to reaching its goal.

Brocksmith said money raised goes to such things as scholarships for Mount Vernon High School students, to developing parks with the city of Mount Vernon and to groups such as Community Action of Skagit County.

— Reporter Vince Richardson: 360-416-2181,, Twitter:@goskagit,

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