Muzzall-Price Johnson

Ron Muzzall (left) and Helen Price Johnson

MOUNT VERNON — The race for the 10th District Senate seat is between incumbent Ron Muzzall and challenger Helen Price Johnson.

Muzzall, R-Oak Harbor, is a multigenerational farmer and fire commissioner. Price Johnson, D-Clinton, is owner of Price/Johnson Construction and is the Island County commissioner for District I.

Muzzall described this state’s government as a self-serving entity that continually lets down those they are charged to serve.

“It is time to instill structure, discipline and accountability into the system,” he said. “Being in the minority, the need to work across the aisle is paramount. Thirty-plus years of board involvement has honed my ability to work with all personalities to achieve common goals.”

Price Johnson sees keeping communities safe while the economy recovers as an urgent issue, as well as affordable health care, housing and mental health services for working families, veterans and seniors.

“Investing in our local communities is necessary to recover our economy and get everyone back to work,” she said. “Our small businesses need help to make it through this pandemic.

“These times require a senator who listens and is willing to reach across party lines to come up with the innovative solutions we need.”

Price Johnson described herself as a practical, fiscally responsible small-business owner and community leader.

“I listen, I work hard, I respect our rural communities and value the small businesses which create jobs across our district,” she said.

Muzzall said he has a proven track record of success when it comes to holding organizations responsible, with auditing and audit committees providing him with a unique insight.

“I see things through a different lens when it comes to priorities and equity in our society. We fail as a state when it comes to aging, mental health and substance abuse. We need to address greenhouse gases but need to do so equitably,” he said. “The us and them mentality doesn’t serve our state well.”

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