Election 2020

Skagit County Commissioner Ron Wesen, who is now leading the race for his seat, said Monday it’s too early to declare victory in the election.

While challenger Mark Lundsten led after the initial vote count was released Nov. 3, the gap between the two candidates for the District 1 seat has shrunk each night the county Elections Department has updated the totals.

As of the most recent ballot count posted Monday night, Wesen had 2,761 more votes than Lundsten. Wesen increased his lead by 555 from Saturday, the day he first went ahead of Lundsten.

“Time will tell,” Wesen said. “The voters get to decide.”

He said he’s enjoyed his time as commissioner, a position he’s held for 12 years.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to do it for four more,” he said.

In the other county commissioner race, Peter Browning extended his lead over Mary Hudson. Browning, who led by 1,835 votes on election night, now leads by 8,635.

In a race for a judge position in Skagit County Superior Court, Tom Seguine continues to make up ground over Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski.

Seguine, who trailed by 2,533 votes on election night, now trails by 682.

The county Elections Department has counted 62,021 ballots — including 4,421 on Monday — and estimates it has 11,500 left to count before results are certified Nov. 24.

The county will update the results Tuesday.

In the 10th Legislative District state House Position 1 race, Republican candidate Greg Gilday has taken a narrow lead over Democratic candidate Angie Homola.

Trailing by 1,763 votes on election night, Gilday now has a lead of 528 votes — but knows there’s more still to be counted.

“(I’m) cautiously optimistic. There are lots of votes to be counted in Skagit County, but things have been going our way,” he said.

Gilday said potential voters seemed most engaged by the issues of COVID-19, which he described as the issue that “overarches everything,” as well as education and the state budget.

Homola and Gilday are vying to replace Norma Smith, who didn’t run for re-election after serving since 2008.

The district includes Island County and parts of Snohomish and Skagit counties, including parts of Mount Vernon.

Ron Muzzall, a Republican who represents the 10th Legislative District in the state Senate, continues to hold onto a lead he took Thursday.

Muzzall leads Democratic challenger Helen Price Johnson by 1,370 votes, while in the district’s other state House seat Democrat Dave Paul leads Republican Bill Bruch by 1,060 votes.

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