Ron Wesen (left) and Mark Lundsten

Ron Wesen gained ground Friday in his bid to retain his seat on the Skagit County Board of Commissioners.

Wesen, a Republican, trailed Democrat Mark Lundsten by 118 votes when the county Elections Department released the latest election totals Friday evening.

The election didn’t start well for Wesen, who trailed by 2,259 votes on election night and 1,774 on Wednesday.

But of the 7,774 ballots counted Thursday and Friday in which voters selected a candidate for the county commission in District 1, 4,715 picked Wesen.

In all, Skagit County has counted 47,860 ballots since election day — 56% percent of those mailed out. The Elections Department estimates it has 25,500 left to count.

An updated count is scheduled to be released at 5 p.m. Saturday.

In the District 2 county commissioner race, Peter Browning has added to his lead over Mary Hudson.

Browning, who stated no party preference on the ballot, leads Hudson, a Democrat, by 4,921 votes — an increase of 2,332 since the previous count.

In the race for a judge position in Skagit County Superior Court, Tom Seguine gained some ground on Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski.

Seguine, who trailed Yost Neidzwski by 2,326 votes on Wednesday, now trails by 1,890.

Two of the three races in the 10th Legislative District remain close.

Incumbent Ron Muzzall maintains his lead over Helen Price Johnson for the district’s state Senate seat.

Muzzall, a Republican who took over the lead on Thursday, leads Price Johnson, a Democrat, by 607 votes.

And in the race for the district’s state House Position 1, Angie Homola holds a slim lead over Greg Gilday.

Homola, a Democrat who led the race by 1,763 votes on election night, now leads Gilday, a Republican, by 130.

In the district’s state House Position 2 race, Democratic incumbent Dave Paul leads Republican challenger Bill Bruch by 1,620 votes.

The 10th Legislative District includes Island County, southwest Skagit County and northwest Snohomish County.

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