When Skagit County’s election results were certified Tuesday, they affirmed the results from election night.

A total of 59,023 ballots were counted in Skagit County, putting turnout at about 80 percent of registered voters. That turnout is consistent with previous presidential elections, said Elections Supervisor David Cunningham.

Eron Berg, city administrator and attorney for Sedro-Woolley, will be the new Skagit Public Utility District Commissioner, beating Kevin Loy with 57 percent of the vote.

Berg said he’s meeting with PUD managers and department heads next week to learn more about how the district operates.

“I don’t see myself as a bull in a china shop,” he said. “I’m going to be patient.”

As for goals, he said he hopes to look more closely at establishing a fiber optic network in the county, which would be installed by the district.

He has also proposed that all meetings be video recorded, as is done by other government boards in the county.

District Court Judge David Svaren narrowly beat incumbent Laura Riquelme 51 percent to 49 percent in the race for Skagit County Superior Court judge.

Mount Vernon’s Proposition 1 passed with 68 percent of the vote.

It will add a 0.2 percent sales tax for the purpose of funding transportation infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks.

On April 1, the city’s sales tax will increase from 8.5 percent to 8.7 percent, the highest in the county. This will mean an extra 2 cents on a $10 purchase.

According to Alicia Hushka, the city’s finance director, this would bring in an extra $1.3 million a year.

The money will serve to address the about $15 million in deferred road maintenance that arose from the 2008 financial crisis, said Esco Bell, the city’s public works director.

Skagit County Fire District 14, which covers the area near Alger, also had its tax levy pass with about 65 percent of the vote.

The levy adjusts the property tax for emergency medical services from 54 cents per $1,000 in assessed value to 75 cents.

The complete list of how the county voted can be found at results.vote.wa.gov/results/current/skagit.

— Reporter Brandon Stone: bstone@skagitpublishing.com, 360-416-2112, Twitter: @Brandon_SVH{p style=”margin-bottom: 0in;”}

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