SEATTLE, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DigniFi, an automotive financing platform, has named Rob Mirra its Chief Revenue Officer. Mirra joins DigniFi with extensive experience in auto financing and insurance (F&I), vehicle service contracts, and dealership management. As CRO, Mirra will build out DigniFi's field team, fine-tune its sales processes, and form strategic partnerships to accelerate growth. He is actively recruiting salespeople with dealership and F&I experience.

"We brought in Rob to be an advocate for dealers," said DigniFi CEO Richard Counihan. "He's been in their shoes, he understands their challenges, and he knows how DigniFi can grow their business and provide a better experience for customers. Few people have worked in so many different areas of the auto businesses and succeeded in each one. Rob is the ideal leader for our sales team."

Mirra joins DigniFi from EasyCare, an APCO Holdings Company focusing on vehicle service contracts (VSCs), where he served as National Vice President of Acquisition. Prior, Mirra was a National Sales Director for Hyundai Capital America's F&I business nationwide. He began his automotive career in retail holding every tittle from sales to minority owner executive manager.

A Veteran of the US Army, Mirra served as a Paratrooper in the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 101st Airborne, and 82nd Airborne. Mirra has jumped from aircraft more than 60 times on four different continents.

"I joined DigniFi because I love the product," said Mirra. "Right now, a lot of Americans can't get back on their feet and into the workforce without buying or repairing a vehicle. Working with DigniFi is an opportunity to help them move forward with life, whether they have the cash on hand or not. It's also an opportunity to help auto dealers and service centers close deals. DigniFi would have made my life much easier and our dealership much more profitable had it been around in my day. DigniFi is the best kept secret in the car business."

Outside of work, Mirra is a self-described "motorhead" with a passion for muscle cars, dirt bikes, and anything else powered by gasoline. He can be found driving his 1966 Impala SS Convertible or tinkering with it. Based in Los Angeles, Mirra enjoys working with organizations that serve underprivileged youth and military veterans. 

About DigniFi

DigniFi is a platform company that connects consumers with lenders for car repairs, tires, accessories, and other auto-related needs. The automated, contactless process serves up financial products through the point of sale at car dealerships and independent repair shops. DigniFi provides consumers with access to fixed payment plans. The loans are originated by WebBank. To date, DigniFi has provided access to over USD $120 million in loans in partnership with more than 5,000 auto service centers. For more information, please visit www.dignifi.com.



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