SEATTLE, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Uplevel, the leading engineering insights solution, today announced new Insights for executives, which provide a holistic view into the health of engineering organizations. Designed for engineering leaders, this new tool displays aggregate organizational-level insights with data-rich visualizations of critical topics that impact success. With information that is optimized to be directly helpful to the executive role, Uplevels new dashboard equips high-level engineering executives with the data necessary to make informed management decisions.

"Now I can view data across my teams, but also dig in to see what's happening underneath and investigate to see where I need to act," said Charlie Black, Vice President of R&D Operations at Alvaria. "I'm specifically excited to track PR cycle time for my teams and see how we can improve over time."

With Uplevel's platform, engineering managers have experienced significant success using data to make the work experience of their engineers easier. When managers and their teams have data on key insights such as where projects are stalled or the levels of context switching, they can increase cycle time, reduce burnout and deliver their products on time. By adding a dedicated aggregate dashboard for high-level engineering executives, Uplevel is empowering and aligning every layer of the organization to use data to improve the day-to-day lives of engineers and experience better results.

"Engineering executives are trying to get timely and accurate insights to help predict if they will make their next release on time without burning out their team. Historically, they have had to rely on highly manual efforts based on simple metrics like burndown charts or engagement surveys. Leaders have spent a lot of time and effort to get insights of very limited value," said Joe Levy, CEO, Uplevel. "Uplevel's new analytics solution for executives provides leaders with a clear summary of development health including the ability to break out critical key factors such as cycle time, roadblocks, and context switching that can impact delivery of great products and healthy teams."

All data is sourced from meta-data of code repos, Jira, Calendar and messaging. Data and organizational science is applied to all insights and executives can actively manipulate the data with filters, sorting or full export for their own needs. The dashboard presents a bird's-eye view of all the teams in an organization and indicates healthy ranges for certain metrics including deep work time, time spent in meetings, context switching, always-on behavior and PR cycle time. When using the new tool, executives can expect to answer questions, including:

  • How long it's taking teams across the organization to write and merge code
  • Are teams running healthy sprints using best agile practices
  • Which teams have high or low levels of deep work
  • Which teams have have more or less context switching
  • Which teams need extra support
  • Which teams have best practices to share
  • How is the organization tracking over time in terms of deep work and context switching
  • How certain aspects have changed over time within a single team or the organization as a whole

If this isn't enough, Uplevel's Customer Success team is able to easily create custom views for each Uplevel customer based on their business needs.

Additional features will be added to the Executive Dashboard in the coming months. For more information, visit

About Uplevel

Uplevel is your engineering insights solution that leverages data from everyday developer tools to help you reliably meet sprint goals without burning out your team. We believe that data-driven work cultures foster the most innovative teams. Software engineers and managers receive insights and alerts integrated into their daily workflow based on best practices and a superset of data from tools such as calendar, code repository, project management, and messaging. With Uplevel, engineers and managers are empowered with individual and team data so they can use data-driven insights to reliably make product goals and support developers in reaching their potential while avoiding burnout. Uplevel is headquartered in Seattle, WA. Learn more at

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