Three people were arrested Tuesday morning after at least one of them allegedly broke into the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline facility west of Burlington.

The Skagit County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Kinder Morgan officials, who believed there might be a threat to one of its Skagit pipelines after a person called the company to report he intended to “shut off” the pipeline, according to a news release from the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies arrived at the scene shortly before 8 a.m. and observed a 59-year-old man inside a fenced area on Kinder Morgan property near the pipeline equipment, according to the news release.

A 45-year-old woman and a 61-year-old man were also at the location, apparently filming the other man, the news release stated.

They had apparently forced their way onto the property, said Sgt. Chris Baldwin.

A news release from Kinder Morgan called the three “reckless trespassers.”

The pipeline system has been evaluated and no damage has been discovered, Trans Mountain Pipeline spokeswoman Ali Hounsell said.

“They’re not physically able to shut down the pipeline,” Hounsell said. “Turning off the pipeline is something we do remotely.”

At the time of the reported break-in, no product was flowing through that particular pipeline, Hounsell said.

Another pipeline that runs from Anacortes to Ferndale was carrying product, she said. That pipeline was shut down as a precaution.

The three suspects were booked into Skagit County Jail for investigation of burglary and criminal sabotage.

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