August 7, 1954 - August 15, 2020 Richard "Rich" Norris Cheadle, age 66, a longtime resident of Bow, passed away August 15, 2020. He was born August 7, 1954 in Eureka, California to Raymond and Dorothy (Norris) Cheadle, whom he adored. Rich loved putting the pedal to the metal and drumming on the steering wheel to loud music, cooking for his family while talking like the Muppets' Swedish Chef, and wathing live music with his wife. Otherwise, he enjoyed fishing or rooting for the Seahawks. Late in life, his attachment to his Papillon grew unbounded, but his family was so comfortable with his affection that they were hardly jealous at all. He worked at the refineries in Anacortes for an infinity, before retiring in 2008. He worked on numerous projects and his family still hears from old friends that his name is printed conspicuously in a number of manuals. He was proud of that work and a fierce advocate for worker's rights and safety. His family preferred him at home with them, but they needed food and shelter so he provided it along with boundless love and support. After a long battle with kidney disease and leukemia, he passed on to the next stage of his journey. His family is now listening to his favorite music and filling the hole in their hearts with the light of the many happy memories he left them with. Rich is survived by his wife, Suzanne; son, Jacob; daughter, Lisa. He had a wonderful extended family and his sisters, Patty White, Cathy Williams, and brother, Randy Cheadle, and their families, all miss him. A Private Family Service will be held. Share your memories of Rich and sign the online guest register at

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