The most important things about Doug, as any of his family, friends, or even brief acquaintances will tell you, are that he was the most genuine, kind, and honorable man you could ever hope to meet. He was always thinking about others, and his generosity extended even to casual business transactions - in which despite his love for the art of negotiation, the other guy always seemed to make out just a little bit better. He was a truly loving partner to his Very-Significant-Other of more than 45 years, Pauline Campbell, and a very loving father to his daughter, Sherri Havens. Pauline's children, Lisa Haag, and Bill, Tom and Mike Campbell will miss him deeply, as will his siblings Lyn Frew and Tom Gluntz. Doug was an avid boater, sea kayak builder, inventor and holder of over 25 patents, Merchant Marine, Nuclear Engineer, GIA-certified diamond-grader, pianist, Spanish guitarist, sailplane pilot, wood worker, and prolific creator of the largest Excel spreadsheets you have ever seen in your life. Doug graduated in 1957 from Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, Glen Cove, NY with a BS degree in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering and went on to earn two MS Degrees - one in Nuclear Science, and the other in Nuclear Engineering, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Thereafter employed by General Nuclear Engineering Corporation he developed comprehensive fuel and reactor transient computerized models following hypothetical loss-of-coolant accidents for GE reactors. He worked in an advanced design group at GE's Nuclear Power Group in San Jose, CA, and conceived and championed what would become the GE Boiling Water Reactor's jet pump reactor recirculation system. This system was used in over 80 power reactors worldwide. As a California transplant, Doug lived his retirement years in Anacortes with Pauline, inspired by a treasured aphorism posted above his desk. "Some people dance in the rain; others just get wet". Doug passed away peacefully in late May following a valiant battle with cancer. His family and friends will feel his loss deeply.

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