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June 29, 1948 - March 8, 2020 Our beloved Michael Miller lived such a full life from June 29, 1948-March 8, 2020. He passed away peacefully in his sleep; exactly how he wanted to go out. Mike lived in Anacortes from the 4th-9th grades while his Dad was helping build the Texaco Refinery. Following his father's transfer to Lawrenceville, IL, Mike excelled in high school academics and sports. He graduated with a double major in Biology and Chemical Engineering from the U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign before Bio-Chem was a thing. Upon graduation, he was hired by Union Carbide (Praxair) into a brand-new environmental department designing and marketing waste-water treatment plants around the world. Later he transferred, as President, to a new subsidiary where he oversaw the creation and marketing of an air filter that separated out industrial gases. He retired to Anacortes in 2005, in part, to be able to continue salmon fishing with his Dad who had retired here in 1984. But mainly because it is the most beautiful place on Earth. He would know, having been just about everywhere. A great storyteller, his tales of times in India and China are particularly memorable. Unable ever to sit still, Mike started working as a handyman in Anacortes. He named his business, aptly, Perfectly Square, which described him to a T. His easy manner and affable nature made him a hit with his customers. Everybody loved Mike. He was a rare creature, a good man; upright, stalwart, and moral. His sister called him her rock. Mike is survived by wife, Patricia Stephens, brother Don Miller, sister Phyllis Millikan, son, James Miller and six grandchildren. He will be deeply missed by everyone he came in contact with. Rest in Peace. You will never be forgotten. To share memories of Mike, please sign the online guestbook at

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