On April 30, 1942, in Mount Vernon, WA, Harve and Nymah Vaux welcomed a son and little brother for John, William Walter Vaux. Bill Vaux began his journey as Billy, setting sail for Mount Vernon High School ('60), Washington State University ('64), his own family of five, Swiftsure, San Fransisco Bay and a professional resume' that is tough to capture in a few words of tribute. Harve and Nymah set the tone of public service early in Bill's life. Harve, and brother Clint, both mayors of Mount Vernon, while Nymah taught school, eventually retiring as the MVHS librarian. Bill started his networking early, delivering the Seattle Times throughout the streets of his neighborhood. Anyone who knew Bill would learn of his route and those on it. His lazer focus memory would weave many a tale about the folks who counted on him for the daily news. From hunting and farming with beloved friends on Fir Island, racing boats and motorcycles, playing football, tennis, and basketball, Bill's youth was a colorful adventure in a small town community he would always be a part of. While getting his BS in Ag Economics at WSU, Bill met the shining star and love of his life, Julianne Vanasse. Her Queen Anne roots were tested early as the new couple settled in a trailer park in Othello, where Bill could farm and Julie could fix shakes at the drug store. In '66 son Bobby was born, and the three of them made their way back to Mount Vernon shortly there after. From farmer, to Vaux Tractor, to the original team of bandit realtors at Sudden Valley, Bill explored and developed his many talents and people skills. He also had his first taste of government as an appointed member of the Skagit County Planning Commission. The young family left the Dike Road, joining the early settlers of Thunderbird. The woodsy setting was a daily adventure for the three, and then they were given the beautiful gift of daughter #1, Brookie Leigh. Now a foursome, they journeyed west to Fidalgo Island and the western shore of Similk Bay. Frontier Ford and the Hatchcover calling Bill to further make his mark on community and so many lives. With great joy for all daughter #2, Melissa, filled out the family roster and they headed for Island View Place. Bill formed JMB construction, building custom homes and throwing 4th of July parties that are the stuff of legend. With Tennessee Ernie Ford's "God Bless America" blaring from the component stereo, Bill would grab the American flag and lead a march through a hail of bottle rockets, roman candles and anything else that someone could ignite. Bill would eventually be elected as Port of Anacortes Commissioner in the early 80's, just prior to serving two terms as District 1 Skagit County Commissioner from 1984 - 1992. His leadership was greatly admired. His accountability and integrity was deeply appreciated by County staff and voters alike. While Bill never backed down from a fight, he would listen to those who sought authentic discourse. He never hid from a vote, or backed away from a tough call. Son, Bob had the pleasure of working for the County Parks & Recreation Department from 2000-2009, and rare was the day when Commissioner Vaux's leadership was not fondly remembered by those that had worked for him. After leaving public life on his own terms ("No one should hold any elected office for more than two terms. The system is designed for change."), Bill joined the team at Port Gardner Timber as a real estate broker. He worked on projects all over the state and loved the long road trips. He knew the best bakeries from here to Pateros, and would never return without tasty gifts for his family. This family was his true joy. As he and Julie welcomed weddings and six granddaughters (Bob and Kristen Murphy: Sally and Reese, Brooke and Corey Nibarger: Alex and Zoey along with the extended Nibarger clan Kohl (Sarah) and Family, Ryan (Sarah) and Family, and Sarah Grace and Family, who Bill loved so much, Melissa and Justin McPherren: Lola and Abbey, and all of his extended families. There was no happier grandfather in this world than Bill. His girls, all their events and achievements, and most importantly their time spent at the beautiful home Bill built for them on Camano Island filled his heart with a boundless joy. A remarkable event toward the end of Bill's life was his conversion to the Episcopal Church. While his family went to great lengths with prayerful apologies to his Baptist mother Nymah, it was truly a joy to watch Bill settle into the island community of St. Aidan's on Camano. He loved the people and Fathers Bob and Drew. Bill's friends are many. You know who you are, and your love and support means everything to his family. In these last months the amazing professionals at Skagit Valley Hospital, Life Care of Skagit Valley and Hospice of the Northwest have given Bill and his family many angels to be thankful for. Bill was preceded in death by his mother, father, brother and niece. Memorials may be made to St Aidan's Episcopal Church, Camano Island, WA Memorial service for Bill will be held 2:00 P.M. Friday March 8, 2019 at St Aidan's Episcopal Church, Camano Island, WA.

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