Back in the day in Anacortes, Dec. 8, 2010
Dec. 19, 1940: Pulp mill at 17th and R is one of the major industries of Anacortes, providing a livelihood for 85 families with an annual payroll of $150,000.

Dec. 8, 1910

That the new Great Northern depot is no longer a theory but a strong reality is evidenced by the lively appearance that has been taken on at the site on R avenue. J.D. Broderick, superintendent of construction for Contractor Chase, has a force of men at work erecting warehouses and tool sheds, as a preliminary canter to the main feature, namely, the erection of the depot itself.

Dec. 9, 1920

Friday afternoon last while Miss Ivy Mondan of the Island Transfer company was sitting in the office at the corner of Third street and Commercial avenue, the whole front of the building was carried away by the wind, falling across the sidewalk and exposing the whole interior of the offices to view. The building was old and just about useless, so the office furniture was immediately moved and now workmen are engaged in tearing down the remaining walls and carting the debris away. The building was one of the earlier frame structures of the city.

Dec. 4, 1930

Champions of Northwestern Washington — that’s the title the Sea Hawks earned Thanksgiving Day at Burlington when they handed an inspired Burlington eleven a 20 to 8 defeat.

Fighting like a pack of madmen an inspired Tiger team displayed streaks of marvelous football against Anacortes, but the dynamic machine which has pulled the Sea Hawks through a Herculean schedule this year could not be denied.

Shifty “Dutch” Moe, that field general extraordinary of the Sea Hawks, finished his high school football career at Anacortes High in a blaze of glory, when he romped over, around and through the Tigers’ defense to score two touchdowns.

Dec. 12, 1940

Endorsement of a $21,918 WPA project for curbing and guttering some 25 blocks of Commercial avenue together with providing sanitary conditions in districts now dependent on septic tanks, was made this week by the state WPA headquarters.

The project in its entirety calls for the excavating of 2,900 yards of earth, constructing culverts and the laying of 3,875 lineal feet of 6 to 12-inch drain pipes, backfilling the construction of manholes and of 11 inlet boxes. Old paving and sidewalks will be removed and 14,606 lineal feet of concrete curbs and gutters constructed as well as replacing pavement, leveling parking strips and doing other necessary work.

Dec. 14, 1950

How is the Star of Anacortes lighted?

The question has been posed all week since the celestial light appeared over the crest of Cap Sante Sunday. There is nothing supernatural about it, just ingenious work. Since no power was available at the spot chosen by Kiwanians to display their star, they simply ran a 100 foot special power line to the point from the nearest power line.

The star itself was mentally conjured by Ellsworth Olson, Kiwanis president, last January. Larry Trulson was appointed head of the committee which for the past month has worked on the project. Constructed with waterproof plywood, donated by the Anacortes Veneer, the 17 foot high star is covered with aluminum foil and lighted with five flood lights.

Dec. 8, 1960

West Anacortes, including Ship Harbor, for recreational use. Land for future industrial development in the vicinity of March’s Point and the Swinomish Channel. These were recommendations of John Graham and Company as presented last night to a joint meeting of City Planning commissioners and officials of the Port of Anacortes.

Thus were major rezoning proposals laid out by spokesmen for the company which has surveyed Anacortes and vicinity the past several months with an eye to more intelligent land use. John Graham and Company was retained last May to assist in the development of a comprehensive plan for the city, including street improvements, rezoning reclassifications and to more appropriate land use and arterial development for future years.

— From the archives of the Anacortes American

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