Back in the day in Anacortes, Nov. 10, 2010
Nov. 12, 1980: The intersection of Railroad Avenue and Second Street is one of four sites targeted for street-end water parks by the city parks department.

Nov. 10, 1910

Anacortes, the largest town in Skagit county, will remain in the license column for the next two years and, strange to relate, is the only seaport town on Puget Sound from Seattle to Vancouver where liquor will be sold during that period. Everett and Bellingham both voted dry by a small margin. In Anacortes, both sides worked hard from sunrise to the closing of the polls, a total vote of 687 being polled. The advocates of license won by the small majority of five.

Nov. 11, 1920

Several auto loads of the members of the F. and A.M. lodge from this city motored to Bellingham Wednesday evening where the Lodge of Perfection of the Scottish Rite conferred the Fourth and Fifth degrees on Henry Schmit, W.F. Hatrick and Linwood Davis. Others who accompanied them that belong to the Scottish Rite were Messrs. Bert Squire, Tony Nasar, G.H. Griffith, Ewen Cameron and E.C.H. Squire.

Nov. 13, 1930

A series of elimination miniature golf tournaments among fraternal organizations and also a contest between married and unmarried woman, the winners of each group to play for a grand prize not yet determined, will afford a novel exit for golf enthusiasm, when the Midgo Golf company launches its first tournament on the new 18-hole miniature golf course in the Phillips building soon, according to William Meurer, president of the company.

Nov. 14, 1940

The Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company plant owned and operated by the Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company in Anacortes for the past 15 years will formally pass into the hands of the Scott Paper Company of Chester, Pennsylvania, on Friday of this week. The local pulp mill will in the future be known as the Anacortes Pulp Mill it has been announced.

Nov. 9, 1950

When the city employees go on a 40 hour week the first of December it will be the first time in the history of the city they have worked less than a 44 hour week, W.W. Rogers, president of the employees union, local 347, said today. The City Council approved the hour cut Tuesday night after receiving word from Olympia allowing them to do so, as they had agreed to do in the city workers contract. He said the council and union were now discussing possibilities of getting city employees on social security or working out a retirement plan for them.

Shorter hours for police and fire department members will be considered when the special council committee meets with department heads next Tuesday.

Nov. 12, 1970

As a result of the vote November 3, Guemes, Cypress and Sinclair islands are now included in the Island Hospital District, hospital commissioners were informed Tuesday during their monthly meeting. The vote for annexation was 99 Yes and 23 No’s.

Nov. 12, 1980

Although the Anacortes City Council said “no” last week to mobile home parks in the city larger than 10 acres, plans will proceed for an 18.2-acre park on Anacopper Road.

Ken Gentry, who proposes the 105-space “Singing Hills” park east of the Anacortes Airport, said he may ask the council to reconsider its Nov. 3 decision to keep a 10-acre limit on mobile home parks.

— From the archives of the Anacortes American

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