Back in the day in Anacortes, Oct. 6, 2010
Oct. 13, 1960: Buehl Berentson, left, Republican candidate for the state senate, exchanges political ideas with Rep. Gerald Ford of Michigan and Rep. Jack Westland. The three men gathered after Ford’s noon luncheon speech to Rotary club at the Harbor Restaurant.

Oct. 6, 1910

The steamer Kulshan broke the record Tuesday evening by taking sixty-five passengers from Anacortes. Some were from the Waldron Island stone quarry and others from the Alaska Packers’ cannery. The balance of the passenger list consisted of the regular traffic plying between here and Seattle. For this time of year and especially considering the inclemency of the weather this past week this is a good showing for the new steamer.

Oct. 7, 1920

Who says Anacortes is not booming? A very attractive hall has been built on Seventh street near St. Mary’s Catholic church by Father Treunet. It is called Joan of Arc’s Hall. The building which is going to be in the future the basement of a new Catholic church is a perfect unit by itself. All modern improvements and accommodations connected with a structure of the kind have been set in it, on one floor in a perfect way.

A beautiful auditorium ninety feet long and twenty-six feet wide, with a stage of 26x27 feet is the main feature of the new hall, without mentioning the pretty curtain that has been painted by one of our local artists. A furnace is going to be installed this week.

The furnace room, the kitchen, the parlor for the ladies, the two lavatories, the billiard room the cloak room and all the other practical arrangements will make of Joan of Arc’s Hall one of the great meeting places of our city.

Oct. 2, 1930

With 9,000 volumes, including fiction and classics, approximately 40 periodicals and a score of weekly and daily newspapers, the people of Anacortes have a variety of reading materials from which to draw, according to Mrs. E. Luella Howard, head librarian of the Anacortes public library. “We add approximately 500 books a year for our readers, all that our appropriations allows us to purchase,” said Mrs. Howard.

Oct. 3, 1940

Seeking to take advantage of the United States Government’s appropriation of $212,600 for a seaplane naval base at Anacortes, the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Industrial Committee will hold a special meeting Friday evening of this week starting at 8 p.m. in the Post Office. Chairman G.N. Dalstead of the Industrial board has notified all members of the committee to be on hand for the important session. Members of the committee are Ben Driftmier, R.C. McCartney, W.F. McCracken, Phil Robbins, Ed Schwartz, Paul Workman, Clyde Webb and Harvey Benson.

The announcement allocating the sum of nearly a quarter of a million dollars for a base here, released early this week contained little actual information on any proposed plans for the base. However it was determined thru reliable sources here that the base when built will be located on Fidalgo Bay. Army officials during the past year have been in Anacortes and numerous pictures have been taken especially of locations in Fidalgo Bay.

Oct. 6, 1960

A baby bathtub used for a mixing bowl is symbolic of the operation behind Sarah Lingwood’s Carolina Fruitcakes. The commercial fruitcake business is conducted in a gracious white house at 34th and Commercial. Born out of a family crisis, the enterprise was started four years ago in Elmhurst, Ill. She returned here this summer after first establishing the fruitcake in 1956 after the death of her husband.

“I had to go to work to support my two daughters,” Mrs. Lingwood said.

Mrs. Lingwood’s main market is the small gourmet and gift shop. She has her product sent out all over the country and it is advertised in Telefood, a magazine designed for such food specialty merchants. The fruitcakes go to larger stores as well, including Frederick and Nelson.

Oct. 1, 1970

A large construction project is planned for the Anacortes Ship’s Harbor Terminal which serves the San Juan Islands and Sidney, B.C. The Anacortes American learned about the $600,000 project through the cooperation of Anacortes Port Manager Robert Keller, State Rep. Duane Berentson and Capt. A.F. “Spike” Eikum, general manager of the Washington State Ferries.

The project includes a new loading slip, running parallel northwest of the present loading slip which will allow two ferries to load at one time. Also included in the project is a passenger overhead ramp to serve both slips so foot passengers can load and unload from the top deck of the ferries. The new ramp will connect with the present terminal building.

— From the archives of the Anacortes American

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