Re: Hypocrisy, freedom and politics, Letters, Oct. 21.

While the writer presents a case that as Americans we should be able to keep "the freedom to choose" as respects abortion, the letter wanders into an unsubstantiated comment about adoption.

I'm unsure what the motive was by stating the adoption process is a "racket" and that they had heard that there was "good money" in it, but for my family, not only was this allegation insensitive and degrading, it shows utter disregard for families built from adoption and the many fine agencies that work tirelessly in this field.

For us, "racket" smacks of something being sleazy and underhanded. Frankly, we're surprised that the editorial board allowed this language since the letter guidelines state that comments of "fact" be supported by reference sources and that language be "civil."

Guess the hoped-for chuckle directed toward the state of Texas was too tempting. 

Glenn Ash

Mount Vernon

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