Re: “Time to limit school spending” (Letters, Jan. 12).

Regarding school levies, Mr. Chandler hit it right on the nose.

The administrators with their fancy suits and ties apparently do not understand or care what the voters are saying with the no vote for new levies.

Many of the shortages within the school districts would be solved with the vacating of the offices that hold the so-called executive humans that do nothing but draw large salaries and go to meetings and luncheons.

As with any large businesses the schools are overrun with nonproductive employees ... The government is a fine example.

Replacing this group of budget draining, over-educated people and replacing them with good teachers that actually do something for the children along with a forensic audit of every dollar of their budget spent may just get some of your levies passed.

A no vote on any more money for the broken system will be the only way to go until these actions are in place.

Unemployment is a lot cheaper than salaries for nonproductive employees.

Richard Kruml


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