Re: “People realizing their mistake with Biden,” Letters, Oct. 8.

The claim that Trump "kept the Taliban under the rocks" is ridiculous. It was the Trump administration that released 5,000 Taliban prisoners in the DOHA agreement in Feburary 2020. The letter also ignored the fact that Trump abandoned the loyal Kurds who aided our troops with intel, translations and more, while Biden honored our promise to the loyal Afghanistans who did the same.

We did not vote for Biden as a mistake but rather to correct the horrible mistake of electing Trump. The fact is that well over 100,000 Americans and Afghan allies were rescued in a matter of days. As to the "devil's drugs," fentanyl was running rampant before Biden was elected, and meth labs are all over this country and don't need to come from China.

Biden has boosted the economy, just the opposite of what Trump said would happen. He also has attacked the pandemic with a sense of urgency that was sorely lacking in the Trump administration.

John Kuntz

La Conner

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