Re: “Putting numbers into perspective” (Letters, May 10) and “Pandemic restrictions are overboard” (Letters, May 10).

Thank you to Kenneth Field, who has written another thoughtful letter to the editor. He stated that if all of the national COVID-19 deaths, then approaching 80,000, had happened here in the valley, there would be no Sedro-Woolley, Burlington, Mount Vernon, Anacortes, Stanwood of La Conner. Everybody gone.

It is almost impossible to get this kind of image into my brain. A haircut isn’t important.

His letter was in total contrast to another letter that complained about the “ridiculous restrictions.” What does the writer of that letter not understand about the rampantly infectious nature of this invisible virus, which is no respecter of persons?

The governor took radical, unpopular steps to try to save lives.

It is devastating to think of the many small businesses which are surely going to go bankrupt while Lowes and Walmart big box stores have jammed full parking lots. It is also devastating to think of the suffering and death taking place across the state and nation.

The way I can help is to only go out for necessities, share my $1,200 with food banks and other charities and try not to get too upset at the ineptness and ignorance of the president of the United States.

Arliss Abbott

Mount Vernon

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