Democrats are the way out of the morass

Re: “Dump Trump at your own risk” (Letters, Sept. 4).

Opinions are a dime a dozen. The above referenced letter is opinion. It lacks facts.

It addresses “those who so venomously detest President Donald Trump.” The words “venomously detest” are meant to denigrate those of us who oppose many of his policies and statements. That is what patriots do. We question what lawmakers do in our name.

How about some of the other opinions expressed in the letter? It says food stamp use has been reduced. Of course SNAP usage has gone down from its high under the previous Republican administration. They created the Great Recession, but once President Obama was elected the economy improved and food stamp usage declined. (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

The writer suggests that Trump won’t sell out to China, but guess where his MAGA hats are made. China. (Newsweek)

And Trump’s errant tariffs against China are hurting U.S. farmers.

It erroneously claims that Medicare for All would “bankrupt hospitals.” Not so. According to an Aug. 2, 2019, article in USA Today: “We overpay for broken health care. Medicare for All would be much better and cost less.”

The letter opines that raising the minimum wage would hurt the business community, but a Fact Sheet released by the House Education and Labor Committee tells us just the opposite.

Sadly, the author alludes to “bad actors south of the border.” Such statements, whether made by Trump and his supporters or anyone else are, in my opinion, disgustingly racist.

The writer then slides into the absurd by warning us about a nuclear bomb in New York Harbor, and demonizes cities governed by Democrats.

In summation: When using facts, we find that Trump’s presidency is failing our nation’s working class.

The way out of the morass? Elect Democrats in 2020.

Richard Austin

Mount Vernon

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