Re: "Children are frightened by real events, adults who ignore reality" (Letters, Oct. 17).

In an age where information on literally any subject is at their fingertips, why do so many people choose ignorance and hysteria over understanding and peace of mind? Why do they abandon critical thinking?

The writer makes several claims about climate change that the facts don’t support. I recommend spending some time reading the climate reports from the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. These reports address all the climate change claims made by the writer and much more. The executive summary and summaries for policymakers are quite readable. Comprehensively addressing these issues here in 300 words is impossible.

A minuscule effort will discover global sea level has been rising at a steady rate since the end of The Little Ice Age early in the 19th century. What is happening to sea level in a particular location shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone. We had hurricanes, storm surges and tornados long before we started using fossil fuels and there is zero evidence they have recently gotten more severe. Victims of these predictable events result from people choosing to live where they occur.

Informed people know that even the governor of California has finally acknowledged the states wildfire problems are a result of land mismanagement. He is taking steps to finally clean up the excessive fuel buildup that feeds these terrifying fires. The previous governor blamed it on climate change and did nothing; then people died. They have a really big problem that will take years to correct.

Yes, there are bad things that happen to innocent children, but terrifying all of them and desperately using them to push a false climate-change narrative is child abuse on a global scale; I pray we are better than that.

Roger Barber

Mount Vernon

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