Re: “Fact vs. Myth” (Letters, Feb. 6).

Facts are some try to get others to believe myths that our president is a liar, cheat, racist, et cetera. A Democratic play from the socialist handbook that does not seem to work anymore.

Seems like most of us don’t believe it as his recent poll numbers in Gallup have surged to 49%. Higher on economic approval than any in more than 20 years. (Markets Insider)

Fact: Wages are rising at a pace of 3.4%. (New York Times, Dec. 2019)

Fact: Unemployment is at a half-century low and businesses cannot find enough skilled workers. The unemployment rate stands at 3.5%, the lowest since 1969.

Fact: American manufacturing is surging at a record pace. (Reuters)

Fact is if you live on the Left Coast you want everyone to believe that no one likes our president and that he will not have a chance at re-election, but it seems most Americans see through this thin veil or they should. The disconnect is appalling.

The Democrats have tried the Russia hoax, the Mueller report and recently tried a fake impeachment story. Admitting they only want to try to discredit the coming election.

Popularity has increased, and we can thank the Democrats for exposing their hatred and who they really are. America knows better, and you should be ashamed for ripping up his values.

Donald Trump is a natural phenomenon and supernatural being. Is he a legend or a myth?

America must decide.

Dave Barber

Mount Vernon

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