Re: "Look for the root of the problem" (Letters, Aug. 16).

In response to the letter writer who claims that guns are not the root problem for murder and mass murder, like we have experienced recently in Ohio and Texas: While we navel gaze about the root problem and "what produces a murder," innocent Americans are being slaughtered on a regular basis, at a far higher rate than our peer countries.

Statistics show that the U.S. is far and away the most homicidal developed nation, in large part due to easy access to guns.

Statistics also show that more stringent access to guns results in less gun violence, safer communities and saved lives.

The writer is correct in saying that "If we removed all guns, murders would still occur." But clearly having fewer guns would mean fewer murders.

A "more loving society" will emulate other loving societies (our peer nations) who have figured out how to make their people safer with sensible gun regulation.

Clara Duff


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