Re: "County should reconsider project with Mount Vernon" (Letters, May 23).

In response to both the newspaper article and letter to the editor dated May 23, there seems to be some misconceptions as to why the county backed out of the library/senior center/parking garage building. The newspaper did not get all of the information as to why the county quashed the agreement.

1. The Advisory Board members at the senior center were told at a public meeting, by the mayor, that the cost was going to be $27 million and this was changed by the city to $44 million. We all agreed that this was far too much.

2. The city would not sign onto an agreement of perpetuity giving the county authorization to use the center as needed for seniors. The city wanted total control of both the library and the senior center sides of the building for management of all activities.

3. Currently, the center has 44 different programs and groups that use the center on any given day of the week. Sharing the kitchen and dining room with the library would have created additional needs to keep Meals on Wheels food under lock and key as that is paid for by grants obtained by the county.

As for the future of the senior center, the county is working very hard to find a new and better home for that facility.

Steven Burns

Mount Vernon

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