Re: "Leaders must act now on climate," Letters, Dec. 2.

The 2018 NASA study predicting the future is an impossibility. Don't let anyone fool you; no one can predict the future. Water vapor accounts for 60% of global warming. (American Chemical Society)

Positioning of the Earth, the sun's radiance and cloud formations have a lot to do with that, but we never hear about it. What carbon is doing now is making the Earth greener. (

Are we sure adhering to the 1.5 degrees will make any difference? Predicting the future again.

What are the human costs when we are expected to live with unreliable energy like wind and solar? If we want all wind power, we'll need over 190,000 wind turbines; all solar will need area over three times the size of Delaware. ( What are the environmental impacts of mining their replacement materials every 30 years or so? 

Build Back Better is disappointing. That's what leaders do. Energy innovation is the only answer to perceived climate effects.

That's where young folks come in. Go to school, become an engineer (they figure stuff out) but don't get caught in the "vested interest" trap. If climate science is settled, then why all the research and modeling? It keeps the money coming in. That's the vested interest.

A carbon tax, most likely, will only be enough to pay for the expanding bureaucracy that administers it. That's disappointing. Besides, what will all the government regulators of oil and gas do when their industry is gone?

There is always hope for the future. Always. Our leaders are the past; our young are the future. So, help the world be more educated, well-fed and rich so then we can make better environmental choices.

Climate will take care of itself.

Dana MacMullen

Mount Vernon

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