It’s amazing how people on opposite sides of an issue can still find agreement.

Last week, a letter writer supported the behavior of the Skagit Planning Commission in censuring one of its members. Although venerating Robert’s Rules of Order, the writer fails to mention the statement of Skagit Prosecutor Rich Weyrich, who informed the commission that the statute under which it operates does not give them authority to censure its members and advised removing the censure (Skagit Valley Herald, Feb. 11). Robert’s does not permit a body to act outside of its authority.

But, I heartily agree that Skagit citizens should watch the video of the commission meeting of Feb. 9 in which the censure was reaffirmed. (Skagit21 TV). They will hear the vice chair dismiss Weyrich’s message by saying “He’s a politician. He just wants to make it go away.”

An earlier writer intoned “Planning commissioners aren’t activists. Nor should they be.” I fully agree.

I’m not sure if relying on science, best development practices, natural resource conservation and sound planning to protect the quality of life in Skagit makes one an “activist.” Probably few folks active in public life can avoid that epithet from others who disagree with them. Would a member who was endorsed by a property rights PAC also be an "activist?"

But let’s keep our eyes on our points of agreement. Watch the Planning Commission videos or meetings in real time, and commissioners should not be activists of any stripe.

Christie Stewart Stein

Mount Vernon

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