RE: “People rally against school mask mandates.” SVH Aug. 19, 2021

All things considered, we’re doing great as a banana republic. How long should those refusing to wear masks or get vaccinated be allowed to stop everyone else? Something must be done when some people’s freedom becomes the captivity of others.

In the article, one woman running for a school board said: “Parents should be able to choose if their kids are masked in school … we have a duty to encourage and protect our children.” Protect them from what: the masks or from COVID-19? Which is worse?

I think much of this right-wing rhetoric is embarrassing, to say the least. Maybe I just don’t get it. Waving flags and signs reading: “Unmask our children; Masks are Child Abuse; or My Child is My Choice,” is nothing but the tea-party resurrected. I assume they all were unvaccinated by choice, too.

They may play Russian roulette with their own and their kids' health, but not with ours. If they cannot accept the governor’s mandate, which isn’t permanent or required after school, then home-school the little angels. We’d rather have them wear masks now than visit their gravesites later.

Instead of spreading the virus by “unmasking the children,” which is “child abuse,” they should put the mask on, get vaccinated and kill the infectious social media virus. Never forget: My child’s health is not your choice to make!

Please make a list of all the “mandates” that restrict you every day that you’re OK with, and stop using your and our children’s health for political gain.

Some people don’t seem to have any morals. Enough of this right-wing hypocrisy; sacrificing the children is a bridge too far.

A. Helge Andersson


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