Re: "More details on solar investments" (Letters, June 15)

Regarding recent solar letters, I would add these thoughts.

• I believe a good function of government is to encourage society in positive directions when market forces are unable to do so. A good example is climate change and development of alternative energy sources.

• If we as a nation do not develop solar energy alternatives, we hand over an entire industry to China, whose government actively cultivates key technologies of the future.

• The government subsidies to wind and solar development are modest compared to the corporate welfare enjoyed by our large corporations, particularly the fossil fuel industry.

• Every rooftop with solar panels increases the odds that utilities will not have to build another climate destroying coal power plant. Utility customers — all of us — pay for these plants. Customers will pay either way, so why not invest in the future, rather than a dying past?

• There is no such thing as clean coal.

Dennis Parent

Mount Vernon

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