Re: "Solar is an investment in future" and "No error in solar calculations" (Letters, June 21).

I want to add my thoughts to the positive letters on solar panels that were published on June 21. I have 23 solar panels and a plug-in hybrid car. I did this because the world needs to change to renewable energy sources: the sun and wind; the force of gravity; and geothermal action.

I’m glad I am able to purchase the panels. But what about everyone else? How can we put up enough panels if people cannot afford them?

What if every state had a fund into which state tax dollars and federal block grant money can be put for the purpose of installing solar panels?

The state would purchase and install the solar panels. The homeowner would buy them on a rent-to-own contract. The homeowner would make monthly payments to the state. The state will own the panels and will earn money from the electricity that is being generated and sold to the grid. The state and power company would be able to sort how much money goes to the power company and how much goes to the fund.

When the homeowner has paid sufficient rent, the solar panels belong to the homeowner. We would have a revolving fund where rent payments and money earned could be used to install more solar panels on more houses. If we can get enough electrical generation from renewables then we can say goodbye to coal, natural gas, atomic energy and even hydro generators.

Government subsidizes big petroleum to the tune of billions of dollars each year (Wikipedia – Energy Subsidies). These billions of dollars could be used as block grant money. We will begin to heal the planet, and we can do it with money we are giving away for no real purpose.

Arnold Byron

Mount Vernon

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