Re: "Numbers are key in professional soccer pay gap" (Letters, July 13).

A recent letter to the editor bemoans the fact that gender equality and the discussion of such appeared during the U.S. Women's Soccer Team's run for their fourth World Cup title.

While asking the question, "do facts matter?" the writer extols the age-old question of women in sports and the workplace. His "facts" and assumption are that "equity means equal percentage of what an event earns," and that "you can't get what you don't earn."

The question of "earning" was settled years ago with Title IX. Very simply, money received from major boys’ sports must be shared with lesser sports to help provide for more equity. It appears the writer does not believe in the concept. But then it's understandable when he laments the idea that sports figures, celebrities and teams have political views, but they should simply entertain and not speak out. Kind of like Trump telling LeBron to "shut up and dribble."

Ahh yeah ... I remember the good ole days. Weren't they wonderful?

Mark Pearson

Mount Vernon

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