A letter titled “Universal doesn’t mean free” on July 11 offers several postulations that are not supported by fact. It asks, “who is going to pay for this free universal everything”? The letter then hints that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want free health care and college for everyone.

Universal health care means health care for all. It would not be free. It would cost about the same as the $3.6 trillion that will be gobbled up by the medical-profits industry in 2019. That number will rise in 2020 and every year beyond unless something is done to curb the insatiable appetites of insurers, for-profit hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

One of the many benefits of universal health care (i.e., Medicare for All) is that it would drastically reduce out-of-pocket costs for over 95% of U.S. households. Both Sanders and Warren support Medicare for All. (Rand Corp.)

The “free college” alluded to in the letter is not free. Much of the cost would be paid by Wall Street speculators, both foreign and domestic. There would be a slight transaction fee on each of the several billion shares of stock that are traded every day. In 2008, Main Street America bailed out Wall Street. The year 2020 will offer Wall Street the opportunity to return the favor via the Sanders/Warren College For All Act. (www.sanders.senate.gov)

It is time we stop worrying about universal billionaires. We must start caring about those of us who turn the wheels that have over the decades produced profits that have morphed into the largest gap in wealth and income since the Great Depression.

It is time we start electing politicians who will represent everyday people for a change. Sanders and Warren will do just that.

Richard Austin

Mount Vernon

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