The political situation surrounding the influx of Central Americans to our southern border is certainly problematic and somewhat confusing.

On one side of this contentious matter are open border advocates; business interests favoring cheap labor and depressed wages; the Democratic Party, which intends to change our country’s voting demographic; and Mexican drug cartels, which collect huge amounts of money now from human trafficking. On the other, are President Trump and apparently most of the American people.

National liberal media outlets have rallied to the side of those favoring an unprotected border, emphasizing family separations and supposedly the horrible conditions these people are subject to. Generous and uncritical coverage has been afforded to deeply concerned Democratic presidential contenders who’ve compared border internment facilities to the concentration camps of the Third Reich. 

Possibly the loudest voice condemning the Trump administration border policies is New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s claimed women are forced to drink toilet water among other debasements. According to PJ Media, she even staged a photo opportunity pretending to weep at the sight of refugees behind a chain link fence who were incarcerated by an uncaring administration. It was later revealed that the toilet water allegation was false and an expanded photo showed only an empty parking lot on the other side of AOC’s fence. (

What is really interesting about all this is former President Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, has confirmed that Trump’s policies are just a continuation of Obama’s. In fact, the infamous children-in-cages photo was taken in 2014. (Fox News)

So, the obvious question is, why did it take so long for left-wing lawyers, Democrats and some media to become outraged about what they describe as the absolutely deplorable conditions? It makes you suspect their sincerity.

Gary Hagland


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