I cannot imagine any greater embarrassment than having a president so incompetent that his own staffers ignore his demands in order to avoid incriminating themselves, which, ironically, seems to save Teflon Don from impeachment, and worse — may even get him re-elected.

We’re being shamed abroad. The Mueller report is no secret. A family member in Sweden emailed me the entire 448-page redacted report as a Happy Easter greetings while simultaneously wondering how we can have such corrupt leaders in America.

What "Two Corinthians" Trump is getting away with — completely in the open — is beyond inconceivable.

After three casino failures and six bankruptcies in the 1980s and '90s, he was declared “persona-non-grata” by every “reputable” U.S. bank on Wall Street, yet still managed to build hotels and exclusive golf resorts with cash. (The New Yorker)

Perhaps Trump’s much-protected tax returns may shed some light on where the billions came from. Hope they won’t be redacted. I think the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was Moscow, through Deutsche Bank. (“The Plot to Destroy Democracy” by Malcolm Nance)

Who’d call the Seahawks successful if they lost every game for 10 straight years? Trump would. Losing $1.2 billion (over $100 million per year) made him the biggest loser on Wall Street between 1985-94. And now, the “greatest dealmaker in history” is repeating his failures globally.

To become a Trump billionaire is like a Ponzi scheme. Screw banks instead of private people’s money, put your name on buildings you don’t own, and multiply all “fake assets” by 10, and voila — you’ve become a Sun-King Louis XIV, with your own Florida Versailles.

But we all know the legacy he left behind … are we headed for a French Revolution, too?

Helge Andersson


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