Advantage of the local newspaper

We don’t answer the phone any more. We let the machine pick it up. Saves us a lot of time. Doesn’t mean we’re not aware of the calls, their growing frequency and their attempts to wring money from us, both legally and illegally.

I feel much the same way about fundraising emails, especially regarding national politics.

This is also how I feel about politics in general, but pretty much everything regarding the GOP, which has ceased to be an actual political party and has become a pariah and fraud, especially on the national level. Along with the NRA, the GOP is an agency that does one thing … look out for itself and “devil take the hindmost.”

The local newspaper is different. I routinely read the letters to the editor. I often see the same names, but not always. It generally takes some thought and skill to write, which weeds out some folk, but there are exceptions.

There are certain writers I ignore, because their comments are a waste of my time. They’re not going to say anything new or even factual. I’m sure they see my name from time to time and ignore it, too. But it’s a more civil form of debate, of conversation than we get online.

So, thanks to all you local news folk. When I turn off the TV or the computer and pick up the newspaper, I won’t read it all, but I’ll get what’s important to me. And I won’t have to keep banishing the ads.

Kenneth Field


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