Does anyone else find it curious that Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama has become the face of the GOP’s attempt to challenge Roe vs. Wade and, perhaps, repeal it?

It is hard to believe that she proclaims to believe in the sanctity of human life, while her state ranks 49th out of 50 in U.S. News and World Report “Best States Rankings” published on May 14, 2019. Her state ranks 46th in health care, 50th in education and 45th in economy. Her citizens have above-average debt at graduation, uninsured adults, obesity, preventable hospital admissions, poverty and incarceration.

So how does she plan to take care of the children that are born if abortion is repealed? Does she have a secret state program somewhere that nobody knows about?

It disgusts me to think this is all a political ploy for the governor and her Legislature. Does she truly believe in the sanctity of human life? Then leave Roe vs. Wade alone, so that women and men become parents when they want and can provide for their child.

Stop legislating the punishment of women by removing their right to control their own body. Above all, stop proclaiming how much you care about the sanctity of life, when your own state is in the toilet.

Barbara Symonds


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