Well, it is just "inconvenient" you are not working. 

"Inconvenient" that you do not have a paycheck.

"Inconvenient" that you cannot feed your family.

Oh, and no, you cannot go back to work. You are "not essential." In the meantime: Members of Congress are going home for a well-deserved "vacation."

They are getting paid for "really working hard for the American people." They get to open their really expensive refrigerators and eat their very expensive ice cream. Oh, and get paid to do so.

Sorry everyone. You are "not essential." It is just "inconvenient" that you are missing a paycheck, food and rent. No, you cannot have any ice cream either. You cannot afford it. Eat cake.

Welcome to socialism.

Vote for anyone who will take your money, call you "nonessential" and tell you it is "too inconvenient" to feed you.

Sometimes I really wonder. Is this really the Home of the Free or the Home of the "nonessential inconvenient people?"

Do we want freedom or tyranny?

Mary Mitchell

Mount Vernon

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Rich A

The rights of a man swinging his arms ends where my nose begins. We have sheltered in place because medical professionals and scientists , not "socialists", advocated doing so. No one has a right to make anyone else sick. PERIOD!

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