Americans are faced with a very important choice. We're either in support of manufactured chaos or manufactured stability.

Most people don't care about the feuds taking place in Washington, D.C., mainly because they're trying to make a living and take care of their families. But, more and more the American people are paying attention to who is actually working toward advancing our nation's prosperity and stability, and who is not.

Because proof is always in the details, it's very telling when we see House Speaker Pelosi and her band of crisis-peddlers continue their hate-fest against the president. For almost three years, it's been an onslaught of lies and a continual diversion of the facts.

After a year the Mueller team knew they had no case against the president but dragged out the investigation, solely for political theater. Early-morning raids and unrelated charges against Trump associates took them well beyond the intended investigation, and at huge taxpayer expense.

And now that the investigation has hit a dead end, the cowards responsible for this orchestrated takedown of a sitting president are now blaming and attacking each other. However, their actions and the witch hunt they created will inevitably end up being a boomerang of justice on them instead.

We all need to look under the hood at this fiasco. Clearly, nothing reveals panic like the guilty about to get taken to the woodshed. If you listen carefully your can hear Lady Justice knocking on their door.

Proverbs 14:9: "The common bond of rebels is their guilt. The common bond of godly people is good will."

Linda Wales

Mount Vernon

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