My voice is one of thousands that knows and supports interim Police Chief Chris Cammock.

Many know him as a wonderful family man who has brought those same qualities and values to his 30-plus years of police work.

Equally important for a police chief candidate is his relationship with his community. Cammock's involvement and commitment to our valley is unquestioned, and he has consistently shown to be an outstanding civic leader and supporter with insight to our needs.

I can respect Mayor Jill Boudreau's going through an application process, but no one can have the complete package of:

1. The utmost knowledge of our police department where he is held in high esteem

2. The collaboration and communication skills seen within the police department and our community

3. The knowledge and understanding of our area's problems and needs

4. Possessing a true love for our community

Cammock's dedication will continue to make Mount Vernon and our valley a better place to live and work. He should be the No. 1 choice to be our next chief of police.

Mark Pearson

Mount Vernon 

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