Mayor Jill Boudreau recently appointed Mount Vernon police officer Chris Cammock as interim police chief.

Cammock has served in the MVPD for 30 years and has managed every division in the department at different times during his career. Cammock grew up in Mount Vernon and is a Mount Vernon High School graduate. He has an impeccable record during his 30 years with MVPD. He will serve as interim police chief until March 31, 2020.

Meanwhile, Boudreau is advertising for a new chief. I have lived in Mount Vernon for over 50 years. I have seen many police chiefs come and go. I can only recall one that was hired from out of the area.

My question is: “Why is the mayor spending valuable time and money looking around for a new chief when she has a candidate who is very qualified right under her nose?”

If Cammock is willing to take the job and he and the city can agree on compensation, then give him the job. He is well deserving of the position.

Lawrence Pirkle

Mount Vernon

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