Our county commissioners are currently serving on the Skagit County Board of Health, whose sole purpose, it would appear, is to fine law-abiding citizens for not wearing a mask in public.

Per the Skagit Valley Herald on Jan. 7, Skagit County has received 1,475 COVID vaccine doses for the 129,000 county residents, or 1.1% of the population. Compare this with Island County’s allotment of 3,950 doses for 85,000 residents, or about 4.6%. Over 2.5 times as many doses as Skagit County, but still a paltry sum.

I submit the commissioners’ time would be better spent determining, as quickly as possible, why Skagit County has received such a small allotment of COVID-19 vaccine.

The county health officer is quoted as saying he has received no explanation from our state for the shortage. This is unacceptable behavior from the governor and should not be tolerated. A letter or inquiry is not enough. You, as our elected officials, should be vigorously demanding why our county is being bypassed with the vaccine allotment.

Kenny Barnes


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