Concerned about homeless parking lot plan

I am a little concerned at the Mount Vernon City Council’s need to pass an ordinance that will allow churches to open their parking lots for homeless people to park and spend the night in their cars.

Being the closest neighbor to the Seventh Day Adventist Church on East College Way, where the homeless cold weather shelter was last year, I think the city and county need to come up with a better solution than to open parking lots in neighborhoods for overnight parking.

The parking lot to the south of the courthouse seems to have been taken over by the homeless. I understand the county is funding the portable bathroom there. I’m not sure this is what we want to put in our neighborhoods.

I think the county and the cities in our area need to come up with a plan and work together to get funding to deal with our homeless. For the most part we have no idea who these people are or the problems they may bring to our neighborhoods. I was in total support of the cold weather shelter, but I do not favor them being allowed to park and spend the nights in our neighborhoods throughout the city.

I think there are parking lots that are not in residential areas that could be used for this. I would suggest that the City Council do some homework on this issue, maybe get some citizens together that are going to be affected by this.

Also I am kind of wondering what brought the need for this on all of a sudden and who started the ball rolling.

Dennis Pratt

Mount Vernon

Thorough search for new police chief warranted

The last time I checked, the police chief job in Mount Vernon was not an elected position, so I am puzzled by this handful of campaign-style letters promoting the hiring of interim Chief Chris Cammock to the permanent position and criticizing the mayor for conducting a search.

The city of Mount Vernon has a well-established hiring process in place. Mayor Jill Boudreau and the City Council are right to conduct a thorough search for the most qualified candidate to fill this very important position.

It is disappointing to see what looks like an organized effort to circumvent the proper hiring process.

Christie Stewart Stein

Mount Vernon

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