It’s always a shock to newcomers that Mount Vernon doesn’t yet have an updated, enlarged city library.

The Skagit Valley Herald recently published a piece reporting that county money was awarded to other groups in other places but not Mount Vernon. This left the impression that the planned Mount Vernon Library Commons at 208 Kincaid did not have support from the county. Not true.

Prior stories during planning for the facility included the information that the county supported the project. And, I do believe, they even mentioned that the county-owned parking lot across from the present courthouse is being transferred to the city for this purpose. I call that supportive.

Maybe the county will find more ways to link with the exciting downtown redevelopment in Mount Vernon. I certainly hope so. It makes good sense to enhance and strengthen the downtown of a major hub city in your county, and I urge the commissioners to forge a closer tie with those groups trying to do that.

Kathryn Armagost

Mount Vernon

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