So how are things looking after three years with the purported author of “The Art of the Deal” in charge?

Donald Trump’s bestseller, really written by Tony Schwartz, should have told us what to expect. Although his name was on the cover, Mr. Trump didn’t write a word of it (, and its real author, Mr. Schwartz, has said it should be re-categorized as fiction.

If anyone were looking for fake news, “The Art of the Deal” would have been a good place to start, a complete fabrication that foreshadowed the Obama “birther” lies that launched Mr. Trump’s political career.

Trump’s six bankruptcies offered a hint, too, and Trump the president has continued to prove that while his claims of deal-making savvy are purest hokum, he does have a talent for wrecking them. 

As president, he has abrogated the Paris Climate Accord, the Iran Nuclear Deal, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and most recently the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty with Russia.

He has replaced the Paris Climate Accord with deregulation of our own CO2 emission standards, NAFTA with an as-yet-unratified agreement very like the original, the TPP with a trade war, the Iran nuclear deal with threats, and the IRNF treaty with promises to expand our nuclear capability, already fully able to incinerate the planet.

The promised deal with North Korea has brought only more missile tests. His beef deal with the EU won’t be in effect for seven years ( and the impending Taliban pact intended to bolster Trump’s 2020 election requires almost nothing of the Taliban in exchange for the complete withdrawal of American troops (

No deals on infrastructure and health insurance, but lots of arms sales (

In sum, broken deals, bad deals, and the worst of deals: a Trump presidency.

Ken Winkes


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