After many years of being aware of and observing the differences between the left and the right, it has become patently obvious that the right operates with a very different ethic of what it means to be patriotic and democratic than those on the left.

While the left advocates peace, truly democratic leadership and acceptance for the rest of the world's peoples, the (conservative) right is bent on a shameless “supremacy” notion that everyone else (who doesn’t look like them), should stay in the back of the bus and shut up.

They attack voting rights, rights to citizenship, the rights of women to choose dominion over their own bodies, the rights of same-sex couples to choose who they love, the right to who can carry a gun, down to the rights of religious freedom.

They have done so by hitching their political skulduggery to the religious right who are opposed to the very rights that our Constitution and Bill of Rights have for many years proclaimed were inalienable and could not be abridged by any force or power.

They falsely claim that the Second Amendment is “their” constitutional right.

In 1991, Chief Justice Warren Burger called the Second Amendment the biggest fraud that had ever been imposed on the American electorate. (Democracy Now, 6/3/21).

They staunchly demand an extending of gun rights in the midst of a pandemic of mass shootings while clamoring for increasing the military budget.

U.S. armed forces throughout the world deliver “democracy” with drones and bombers, while the idea of democracy as we know it is eagerly under attack right here in most in what we now call “red states.”

Let’s not let it happen here.

Larry Collinge


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Rich A

Good letter!

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