I am often dismayed by some of the editorials and letters to the editor I've seen over the years here in the Skagit Valley Herald. This is the inevitable outcome of free speech, I suppose. What really concerns me is the level of sheer ignorance I see in the people I encounter.

Someone asked me recently why there were no Republicans on the stage during the Democratic debates? Then there are the writers who employ biblical verses to support leadership clearly in opposition to biblical tenets. I understand about the Dunning/Kruger effect, that the folks who are most convinced they understand things quite well really don't, but it doesn't make it any easier to accept that some of the most vocal among us have no idea what they're writing about.

It's just plain disturbing. Not because the idiocracy exists … but that it is everywhere.

As a nation … as a community … we are simply refusing to pay attention to anything that doesn't directly affect us.

That's how we end up with children in cages. And I have to ask, if you treated your own kids the way the government is treating the children on the border … would DSHS let you keep them?

Kenneth Field


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