In the Sept. 9 Skagit Valley Herald, two letters to the editor excoriated President Trump for supposedly disparaging military veterans. That stemmed from a Jeffrey Goldberg article in The Atlantic that claimed Trump called off a trip to the Ainse-Marne American Cemetery in France during a trip in 2018 because he viewed the soldiers and Marines buried there as losers and suckers.

Goldberg said his story was based on four sources, all of them anonymous. When queried why his sources wouldn’t come forward, Goldberg commented they were afraid of Twitter pushback. (National Review)

Interestingly, those in the room with the president counterclaimed that Goldberg’s story was false, that weather conditions were below minimums for presidential helicopter travel and the Secret Service decided to scrub the flight. Alternatively, presidential motorcade wasn’t opted for because of the length of time it would take to get to the cemetery and back as well as the chaos that would ensure with heavy Paris commuter traffic. The president did visit and deliver remarks at another American cemetery the next day in the pouring rain.

Among the individuals in the room with the president were then Chief of Staff John Kelly, a Marine Corps general and a Gold Star father, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford and John Bolton. None of them corroborated Goldberg’s story, nor has anyone else in the room. (New York Post, The Federalist)

John Bolton, who worked in the White House at the time and who had a serious falling out with the president confirmed the White House’s account of the incident previously in a tell-all book.

My request for those with an intense dislike of our president is to realize that you are predisposed to believe anything negative about him and add that to your considerations when you sit down to fire off a letter.

Gary Hagland


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