Now that the beautiful spring bulb show of Skagit County has passed it is time to invite the tourist and admirers of blooming beauties back to our lovely valley to partake in the beauty of the many blooming noxious weeds.

Driving on any road one can observe mass flowerings of poison hemlock, teasel, Japanese knotweed, Canadian and Bull thistle, scotch broom, Cascade and Evergreen blackberries and various other species. One can take a trip to the Port of Skagit, visit the breweries and enjoy all of the above.

Along the railroad tracks and on the corner of Urban and College Way the vacant field to the north is white with bloom of poison hemlock. A trip to Samish Island allows a wonderful birds and blooms experience. The observation spots are never ending.

Signs could be posted along the roads such as they have been erected near farm fields explaining the species to the visitor and the effect they have on animals and humans, the number of seed pods the variety generally produces and the number of seeds that are generally within a single pod. This sign could also explain how the seeds are transported by the beautiful birds that the visitors see on their journey observing the noxious weed bloom.

All counties in our state are supposed to have a weed board that educates population and oversees the eradication of such pesky infestations. Having just traveled across the state from east to west and back again on different roads, I observed the signs of other counties stating the problems, showing the plants and educating the public.

Maybe Skagit County should take this a step further from nothing being done to making it a money-making tourist attraction.

Betty Moore

Mount Vernon

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