End the madness

AR-15. AK-47. Semi-auto pistol with a high capacity magazine. Always the same weapons with the same monstrous results.

Right-wing psychos shooting up black churches, schools, synagogues and now anywhere Latinos gather. The vicious crazies who kill simply because they hate themselves and everyone else.

Don’t forget the 14-year-old boy with the 9mm stuck in his jeans. All over the U.S., we have middle-school kids packing weapons that can kill another person in seconds. And we do nothing.

This is not about mental health. Mental health is the standard garbage rolled out by the gun lobby every time lives are ripped apart by gun violence. Every society has people who are potentially violent, but they do not suffer the plague of gun violence we see here in the good old U.S.A.

This is about one thing and one thing only — putting military weapons into the hands of virtually anyone who wants one. The common denominator in these mass killings is always the guns.

Forty years ago I was a member, but I have come to view the National Rifle Association as an organization that aids and abets domestic terrorism.

End it now. No more semi-automatic weapons of any kind. No magazines that hold more than six cartridges. You want a pistol? Get a revolver like your grandfather. This is what I have, and it has never failed me.

You want a rifle? There are plenty of excellent bolt and level action options for hunters. Home defense? What is better than a 12-gauge pump shotgun?

No semi-autos, no high-capacity magazines. Get them all out of private hands and end the gun madness now.

James Winchester

La Conner

U.S. facing ruin

No doubt the tyrant leader of Russia is looking on with glee as his puppet, our president, carries out the Putin program of dismantling the alliances and trade agreements of the United States.

Why are the Trumpers so happy about the impending ruin of our country? Where is the concern about immorality, corruption, economic security and especially treason, which used to be so central to the core of Republican beliefs? What does Russia hold over the heads of Republican Congress members?

It is clear to me that GOP has come to stand for “Gang of Putin.” What is not clear is why about 30% of the country thinks they would love living under tyranny.

Erica Pickett


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